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The Benefits of Using Natural Gas to Create a Cozy Modern Home

April 8, 2019

There are many ways to take advantage of the wide range of natural gas appliances available. Natural gas is versatile and adds immediate, lasting value and comfort to your home–it can be used to fuel almost any indoor or outdoor heating appliance. There’s also the added convenience of not having to make space for storage tanks or wait for fuel deliveries. Natural gas is there when you need it.

Whether you’re in search of atmospheric firelight, an outdoor natural gas fire pit for your deck, or an evenly-cooked steak on your natural gas grill—it’s all available with the simple click of a button. Our new Enbridge Connect to Comfort website features many special rebates and offers available for owners looking to expand their roster of natural gas appliances.

Using natural gas in your home

Indoors, natural gas appliances are a more efficient and energy-friendly solution. Dryers, stovetops, fireplaces, furnaces, water heaters and more can all be powered by natural gas. Natural gas also burns cleaner than any other fossil fuel and emits less greenhouse gas than fuel oil, propane, and electricity and because it burns so clean, natural gas appliances require less maintenance and repairs than others.

Natural gas appliances also deliver heat faster than traditional electricity, meaning you’ll be able to fill that big tub for a long hot soak—or have hotter showers that last longer.

These appliances maximize the use of your property and allow you to build value in your home. The spring is a perfect time to take stock of your natural gas appliances and then explore our catalogue to see what new appliances are available for creating a cozy modern home.

Another benefit of natural gas? It doesn’t stop running during electricity outages. So you can stay cozy and comfortable in all situations.

Natural gas is great or outdoor living

Natural gas isn’t just about making the inside of your home cozy and inviting—that same atmosphere also extends to your patio!  With the summer season coming, there are many appliances that run on natural gas that make your outdoors warm and inviting. The kind of place where you love to kick back and relax with friends and family, whether it’s at a barbecue party, relaxing in a hot tub under the stars, or curling up with a hot chocolate by your outdoor fire pit.

The Connect to Comfort website offers a number of outdoor living products that are convenient, reliable, and (dare we say it) full of style for your modern home.

Barbecues and stovetops

Natural gas stovetops and barbecues heat quickly and evenly, allowing you to control the heat with the turn of a dial and cook with different temperatures at the same time. Your inner chef will appreciate the superior cooking on models like the Saber 330 Black Cast Grill, with easy push-button ignition.

Remember the last time you tried to host a barbecue only to realize at the last minute you were out of fuel? With natural gas, you’ll never run out of fuel or have to deal with messy charcoal or propane tanks again.

Outdoor deck fire pit and fire tables

For backyard gatherings, nothing beats the ambience of a natural gas fireplace or fire pit. Perfect for summer, they provide the warmth of a real fire without the added work of chopping wood. Simply turn your fire on, and enjoy the flames.

When the sun goes down, you can stay outdoors and keep cozy with natural gas patio fire appliances. Get ready to kick back and relax—even on those cooler spring and fall nights. With a natural gas fire pit, your patio season can extend further into the cooler months.

With a wide variety of styles, sizes and venting options, it’s easy to find one to suit your outdoor space. Invite friends to gather around the Barbara Jean Collection Fire Table, sipping wine and watching the mesmerizing flames dance across the table.

Cozy indoor living with natural gas

Natural gas fireplaces and fireplace inserts

A natural gas fireplace is designed for installation within the existing walls of your home, whereas a natural gas fireplace insert is designed for retrofitting an existing wood burning masonry fireplace in your home. Inserts make it easy to convert a wood burning fireplace to a natural gas one.  As part of your room’s decor, they provide a warm glow. Natural gas fireplaces are made to be a more effective heat source, providing even, warm heat throughout your home. They also make an impressive room feature—something for the family to gather around on special occasions.

Home heating with natural gas furnaces and boilers

If there are corners of your home that never seem to warm up, or if you’re always fighting with your family over who controls the thermostat, then you may want to look at our furnaces and boilers for more reliable heating solutions.

Visit our Offers page to see which units currently have special rebates.

Upgrading old appliances

You can upgrade old appliances, or buy new ones while taking advantage of our special rebate offers for New Brunswick natural gas customers, and take advantage of the convenient and efficient natural gas appliances that heat your home, keep your atmosphere cozy, and save you money.

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